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tv   [untitled]    December 10, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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it's four thirty am in moscow these iraqi headlines at least twenty five thousand people take to the moscow streets protesting the results of last sunday's parliamentary vote that gave the ruling united russia party the majority of seats organizers claim the true number of protesters was much higher. dreams of a unified europe put in question as the u.k. rejects a new e.u. deal to save the euro leaving the other twenty six member states to settle the plan among themselves the new deal could take months to negotiate and may require
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referenda in countries like ireland. and seeking a solution gazans flee war torn palestine seeking no better opportunities in libya despite that country still facing a turbulent future this after an escalation of violence over the last two days with three palestinians killed and fifteen others wounded tel aviv has apologized for the civilian casualties saying it was targeting militants. up next moscow out team checks out how to have fun in russia's freezing winter stay with us. maundering. she's telling her. frankly. dynamic. frank buckley a. month ago. hello
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and welcome on this week's program we'll be taking a look at various activities you can enjoy over the festive period that's right christmas is just a few weeks away and there's a real much less fear in moscow over the new year period i want it to start something good all i skating here on red sprite. open for three months until the beginning of march one of the best things about coming here is the story. impressive breadcrumb the moves down the opposite the ice rink the colorful and in terms of the sixteenth century symbols cathedral can be seen at one and
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a magnificent site. the talk as it's known in mission has been set up by the company that runs the elegant shopping arcade on the east side of the square. skate away and enjoy the moment surrounded by sensational history and stunning architecture. french. doors where you see a. great deal. of it since we are. right now we're right here and we can state. i think is the best expired. yes you can get because it's like being you know fairy tale you have all these amazing i had to take. it just feel like you know tell me that. this can't wait i especially like the old russian songs here the ones my grandma used to listen to when she was my age i'm. beginning to advance people of all levels can come here i'm not doing too badly. oh
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well practice makes perfect. and give safety tips be prepared to. be more proficient. many tourists don't have the chance to skate every winter. either way popular with muscovites. it seems. is the ideal christmas day out relax into the festive music and those calories. to enjoy christmas shopping experience while moving to our next location it's time to get your wallets ready. i personally love.
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any christmas. traditional. christmas all the. various christmas markets it's located next to red square. and it's a great place to bring family and friends it's open until the tenth of january from . warm you can get quite chilly. temperatures today. is known for its freezing weather. take note when visiting any attraction outside here you can see a range of christmas decorations folk can see crafts an art a closely connected with local history and an old russia would has been an essential part of everyday life. the mattress can also known as the nesting dolls is arguably one of the most popular russian souvenirs here it's been redesigned to look like a christmas tree inside
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a miniature sums of clothes. for the christmas and most gold we have ever watched and dana is from us and we got to hear their market everything is beautiful the trees are really nice and the people are friendly. christmas states can be confusing in russia this is a christmas day falls on the seventh of january the reason is because the orthodox church still follows the old julian calendar which is currently thirteen days behind the gregorian calendar he used in western countries. from nine hundred seventeen revolution until the fall of communism christmas as a whole had a rather tenuous status in the soviet union although the holiday was officially frowned upon many and surprising people turned it into a new year's festival. with western influence meeting such russian tradition this has created a month long celebration in the capital there are many religious services out in
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the russian capital during the festive period regarding buildings the christ the savior cathedral here is one highlight. is an overall height of one hundred five meters is the tourist orthodox church in the world i can hold up to ten thousand people. it's a beautiful place to visit over the christmas holidays brightly decorated interiors and soothing festive music welcomes visitors carols a song mass is given and people reflect them pray for a healthy and successful year ahead. this is an extremely busy period when it comes to accommodation in the capital from party planning to special events moscow's five star like asians plan such facilities well ahead like all hotels in major cities. christmas program is very expensive. it's an exciting time for us here obviously we have the weather we have the location. is normally snowy around christmas time so the environment it's
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pretty much close to perfect i would say we run a lot of activities in the hotel very busy with corporate events obviously through the through the whole december and as we move towards christmas time we have all the traditional family events like brunch parties and so on. what other christmas activities are worth mentioning in moscow apart from red square there's another impressive skating rink a moscow historical goopy park the park has been completely renovated to share now it boasts the largest rink in newark you can skate on its fifteen thousand square meters of ice until midnight every night there are many other festive winter beaches in the park such as hockey rinks. ski tracks and an ice labyrinth to children. this is not an easy one but rather design a christmas decorations. department store is the ideal place to shop annually
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a spectacular festive bazaar is set up on the ground floor thousands of sparking toys and confess it music all around just make sure not to be carried away as you might end up bankrupt before the holidays even begin. a green fur tree with its distinctive scent reminiscent of the christmas period is one of the main with symbols in russia in many families it's a tradition to buy a real treat instead of an artificial attempt not to harm the environment make sure to purchase a tree from authorized companies to sell trees that have been. especially great for christmas and not to be chopped down you can choose from a range of dutch trees and pine trees you can even all of them online and have a tree to live it's. funny there are dozens of hotels and restaurants and the special christmas menus for those who want a five star canary delight head to the ritz carlton hotel throughout december
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a special festive menu created by the french chef is offered to the guests the dinner of three courses costs three thousand two hundred roubles per person that's around one hundred dollars to the restaurant. final location now in moscow to some may seem to be a grey city of concrete and towering glass but there are several places where you can still find traditional batches and chapels the perfect winter wonderland. although one problem at the moment is that it's a felt cold enough snow keeps on melting december slush is not nice. but in a few weeks as always i'm sure that will be resolved as the skies will clear and temperatures will plummet the typical i see my list and. the calmest museum is a unique waste is not far from the city center it was the summer residence of the sauces the time of ivan the terrible today it is vast parkland offering
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a selection of activities. inside the great person is because businesses are told about life as it was in russia. that you can see blacksmith working. hard and relentless work as well as describing old fashioned take meek's stuff also introduce you to the various christmas traditions and customs of russia. kindness is there is a history of. fashion times sought your. christmas time as contestants or the fairy tale residents become the residents of rational times one of the main highlights here is a troika ride through the pretty parkland the museum is a of is exciting to see the programs including horse riding and troikas. honest abreast as well as in one post carriages sleighs and on that note into the carriage
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and off we go to. the russian soul comes into its own joy winter don't be afraid of the cold wrap up warm and enjoy the amazing when to activities inside or out the soviets may have tried to ban christmas festivities but now they are back in full force bigger and better than ever before. so get the champagne ready and let's make this christmas wherever you are one to remember. rob but so far well unfortunately that's all that's how we have left on this week's program about christmas holidays here in the russian capital i'll see you again at the same time next week until then for me and the rest of the team by without.
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great. playing. come to. germany. so good but the only one. moscow. it's all designed to keep you closed in your own small world as a prison. you know you leave somebody in there for a couple hours like that in a stress positions. you have this fear of the unknown in this stress sort of
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building and. i've seen interrogations go on ten twelve hours they chose songs i remember from marilyn manson and metallica slayer the two songs would be angel of death and raining blood to kill the enemy those are more coming up here into iraq i mean look into baghdad. charlie pull the body sort of floor which is the rock n roll band who is fitting for the job we were doing.
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at least twenty five thousand people take to moscow streets protesting the results of last sunday's parliamentary vote that gave the ruling united russia party the majority of seats organizers claim the true number of protesters was much higher. dreams of a unified europe had been called into question is the u.k. a brit jack say the e.u. deal to save the euro currency leaving the other twenty six member states to suffer the plan among themselves the new deal could take months to negotiate and they are of wire referenda in countries like ireland. and seeking a solution gazans flee war torn palestine seeking better opportunities in libya
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despite that country's still facing a turbulent future this after an escalation of violence over the last two days with three palestinians killed fifteen wounded tel aviv has apologized person billion casualties saying it was targeting militants. retreat up next with sports stay with us here on our. polo the sports are not to good to have again the star and first our top stories. back to the gym and bear plays held their official training sessions after the end of the lockout. braun's a russian ladies' team denmark in style to complete the podium if european calling championship here in moscow. and a canadian in qatar start when they tie up with
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a man who is more than left his mark on the kontinental hockey eyes haven't done. so let's start with biathlon where russia has claimed silver in the women's pursuit race at the second stage of the world cup in whole foods in austria after the final shooting range there were three athletes mundelein annoying. and resigned to the who all left it at approximately the same time the fate of the race was decided on the last one hundred meters of the track. by only three tenths of a second the finish line germany's neuer finished third three seconds behind the winner. curling now way sweden lost twice at the european championships in the russian capital as norway called out a narrow seven six victory in the men's final while the swedish women's team suffered a heavy two eight defeat by scotland russian ladies won bronze is that in
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a confident way the two thousand and six european russia lost the opening but found their stride later on lading by four points midway through denmark didn't come close to leveling matters in the penultimate and but the russians showed their dominance by controlling the last one five male living the final score thirteen seven and place wrapped up that was only the. country is second over piece of silverware. just on the bill of a guy i don't think the game turned out to be very tight were confident how to charge it stayed focused and concentrated on the result and you'll be and so very happy to win the bronze medal. e.c.m. only denmark is a very experienced team and we expected them to fight until the end we kept in mind that we should battle even if the equalized we followed the plan and we won but as the game. now one man has played many times against all the cato teams coming down
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one is this focus of our profile series this week the canadian captain of various our sonar has been busy blazing a trail in the league since he first arrived in kazakhstan in two thousand and eight but what other none has more. this man's name is karen delman he's a canadian gunner in europe's strongest league the get a chill the three year old defenseman captains bristol not easily beat many forwards in scoring goals and points he was born of all three all star games and will make his fourth at the end of january twentieth twelve having joined because of side in two thousand and eight down was quick to stand with his name in the league the canadiens twenty goals and assists within his dad this isn't breaking the soviet and russian hockey record of scoring for his position and bringing him
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the chills best defense will award definitely out there for my first year when i didn't have a contract during that first year few teams reached out to my agents and i think a few team reaches to reach out very soon and try to get me to leave. the year i had there the french are. grown on the team and the management was a tough tough decision i couldn't leave and then they made me captain and all that just everything went well and it fit well and it was carter water and really i really enjoyed. moving to the capital of extent just like a leap in the dark this was a tough decision to make for doma and his family however it didn't take them long to find out what looks like. the city which was named the best in the c.i.s. by the international acidly of capitals and cities in twenty seven i think one of the biggest things that i'm sure more most north americans all agree with me is
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when you hear russia are like kazakstan or whatever you hear horror stories like it's really rough mean and. so when we got over here when i got over here it's nothing like that everyone is friendly everyone tries to help you know and it's just the same as back on israel while coming it was really modern more really like back home it was easy to adjust and then i just start stays on the phone until there was an icing and i went from there and now we love it here hopefully we can stay here for the rest of my career. in new environment is always a challenge but the sporting continued the issue is even more important it often takes a while for love the american players moving to europe to get used to bigger ice rinks where we're given delmon is quite a different story the canadian clear is a real potential game european ice hockey that is the same i mean in the end the only difference is that the service is
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a little bit there. so you don't get the physical this is not it's not as there as it is back home in the n.h.l. the small i service you know going to his russian i think that's that's not really what help my game but it's the bigger i serviced it because i like to read plays and jump in the open i saw that i was a big difference for us to mix success over here them and is one of seven north americans with forcing the no leopards some extra blood which often gives them the edge that's the way boris killed their pool in a purely hockey way north american style europeans and it's all it's hockey and everyone yeah dog gels together there's europeans over there russians and everyone there all over the place so hockey is a salmon and it's. just we like to bring that aggressive grit body checking in and it intimidates players some players but for most of the most bird i mean it's hockey you know you're going to get hurt. you know you can't be afraid to. look.
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bertie. finally back on court for their first official practice only six plays turned out for the miami hates training session james went wait. for the haters all to nothing less than a target that will help them forget their loss to dollars and six games last spring but for now they're simply glad to be back to work. the problem is that you know the smell of joe you know him like to hit the ball about you know look at another record go down and work with a coach you work with you miss becomes a family and you know we just have you know we've been in the meantime the celtics also go back to practice the ball someplace you know that could be their last chance at the championship with their current lineup kevin garnett and i are in the
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final year of their contract. was probably most likely our last shot. now and then i was on this one about this so this is a. team that looks at ourselves we have to do it this year because this is our only you we can do. it you may never be in this position again as a player or as a coach. to english premier league title contenders chelsea and manchester city preparing for monday's had to head fixture on driver last polish whose men are countless sitting ten points behind their big spending rivals believes that his side has no right to give that coming much away. i think the result that they want to reach is a room to the little blue for getting the three points. duly will come out to do almost with the assurance that. is at least we
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want the most in the room over to go off now we're. told to lead into the final round of the dubai world championship this short under seventy in the third round on saturday to total fourteen under two hundred two. luke donald is currently fourth at two hundred six after shooting a sixty six the englishman is trying to become the first goal for to win both american and european money titles having won the american one. must now be troll remarkable in the race to dubai to double. eight at eight after struggling seven to one. and finally surfing where the old master kelly slater has made the how and pipeline lost his quarterfinals in the upcoming round who will meet new talent john doerr florence who is twenty years younger than his compatriot the american pair were also drawn together in the not of the nation fourth round on
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friday what florence got the better of a veteran rival but it was her way and marcus heckman who slater had to be to make the quarters after enduring some parts and a couple of broken boards thirty nine year old reigning world champion managed to write his way to that third round victory so the most thrilling contest of the coming round will see whether youth or experience is going to take the edge. i see john john's got to be to get three tenths in three needs. you know he's he's you know he's probably the best guy all around out here now he search every day lives right there and and so you know if i were to lose to my lost him earlier but you know it's kind of a nomination thing but if i were to lose him tomorrow it's it's definitely no shame i mean i think he's better than basically everyone else in this contest. what so from a and the sports sex for now well that is next stay with us.
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well for the. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. wealthy british style. markets. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our.
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